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My Story

Hello, this is Vickie, the Herbalist and founder of Eco Apothecary. Following, is the story of how I got here and how Eco Apothecary began.


I am lucky enough to live in the beautiful Barossa ranges in the little township of Keyneton.

After leaving high school I moved to Adelaide to work for several years. Then, longing for the trees and hills of the countryside, I returned to the Barossa Valley and with my mum's help, sought out a lovely peaceful place to live.

While driving through the hills we came across the little old cottage at Keyneton, which since moving there at the age of 20, has been my much loved home.

I am an holistic health practitioner (Herbalist) and I am naturally interested in and concerned for the health and welfare of people, but more than this, my heart has always drawn me towards nature, animals, plants and the environment.

I have always loved herbs and natural herbal products. Just looking at, smelling and being among herbs makes my heart sing and brings me peace and joy!

I researched herbs and started making my own herbal products and personal medications many years prior to taking on formal herbal studies in 2004.

I then studied with Health Schools Australia to earn an Advanced Diploma of Western Herbal Medicine, qualifying and beginning practice as a Medicinal Herbalist in 2012.

As a practicing Herbalist I often make up herbal oils, creams, liniments and balms for my clients to treat their medical problems. I found that many people were asking me to make herbal skin care as they were unable to find products which suited them.
Finally I decided that because there was a definite need for all-natural, eco friendly products, I would start to produce a small range of skin care; and this is how Eco Apothecary began.

I grow many of the herbs here at Keyneton in the Miners Cottage Herb Garden. Some seasonal herbs are able to be wildcrafted from my Mum's farm property. Herbs which are not able to be grown in our climate are purchased in dried form, which I then process by hand into tinctures, infused oils and tisanes for use in Eco Apothecary products. I also distil small quantities of essential oils and hydrosols from my herbs.

Eco Apothecary products are always made with love and care in small batches from the finest ethical, natural and organic ingredients.

With Eco Apothecary I aim to create products that are effective and wonderful to use as well as being totally healthy, eco-friendly and cruelty free.

I understand that busy people don't have time to read and research all of the ingredients in their skin and body care products. I want them to know that they can rely on my product integrity and safety; they can rely on Eco Apothecary to deliver quality and peace of mind. So that all the hard work is done for them.

The Eco Apothecary Vision.

My vision for Eco Apothecary is to enable a healthier world - by allowing people to use products which promote health and do no harm to animals or the environment.

My Mission At Eco Apothecary.

My Mission through Eco Apothecary is to create ethical, practical, health promoting products, which are great value, effective, and that people will love and want to use.

The Eco Apothecary Name:

The word "eco" in the name Eco Apothecary, was decided upon to convey the fact that all Eco Apothecary products are made in an environmentally friendly manner and use the least amounts of consumables possible.

An Apothecary was historically the chemist shop or pharmacy where herbal and other remedies were formulated and compounded for distribution to the public.

The leaf logo is a Ginkgo Biloba Leaf.

Ginkgo is one of my favourite herbs. It is extremely useful medicinally and in skin care, and it is also very beautiful.

Ginkgo Biloba is one of the oldest surviving plants on earth and grows to be an enormous forest tree. Clinical studies have shown Ginkgo Biloba skin care preparations to significantly improve  moisturisation and increase the smoothness of the skin, while reducing roughness and wrinkling. 

Please have a browse through the Eco Apothecary product range to see if there is something to suit your needs. I am continually working on new products to add to the list, so come back for another visit soon.

There could also be more exciting workshops listed for your enjoyment and enrichment!

Wishing you health and happiness,