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Customer Comments

 Happy, healthy customers, helping us at Eco Apothecary to enable a healthier world, is what we are all about.

Thank you to all our customers and especially to those of you who send us lovely comments. We are happy to be making you happy!

"That mixture (Muscle & Joint Rub) is absolutely fab and as you say you can tend to use too much. (Only need a little.) …...after about an hour ones symptoms are healed for the rest of the day."

Bill W. Keyneton S.A.

"I love your lip balm. I have both flavours." (Moscato Spritz and Sparkling Rose')

Christine B. Adelaide S.A.

"I was about to kiss my boyfriend when he said, "Something smells nice!" I told him that was my new lip balm (I use "Moscato Spritz" from the Eco Apothecary 'Natural Skin Care' range.) He said, "Why didn't I get any of that?" Ha ha. Teach a man to shop!?

Bowen B. Wallaroo S.A.

"Moscato Spritz" lip balm not only smells great it tastes good and lasts well. I find Eco Apothecary lip balm is light and fresh. It's not waxy like some natural lip balms, and it's not chemical-ish like so many of the mass produced lip balms on the market.

Bowen B. Wallaroo S.A.

"Perfect timing, I need supplies. So thrilled I met you whilst on my travels. Love your products.

Susan S. Brisbane Qld.

This Muscle and Joint rub is so good! I use it on my aching shoulders when I'm going to bed, and the ache evaporates. I would not be able to sleep otherwise.

Bowen B. Wallaroo SA.

I used it (Muscle & Joint Rub) on a friends foot the other day and she had less stiffness in her foot.

Maggie deH. Truro SA (Natural Health Practitioner)

Love this! (Muscle & Joint Rub) Works a treat on my poor old gardener aches and pains, and has now been hijacked by my teenage sons for their soccer injuries and growing pains. They swear by it too! Luckily a little really does go a long way!

Marie P. Tanunda SA