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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.    How do I calculate my shipping costs?

A1.     At Eco Apothecary, for orders over $65 shipping is free.  For orders below $65  we charge a flat rate shipping fee of $11 Australia wide. This has been calculated due to Pay Pal structure, Australia Post post pack pricing, packaging, travel and postage costs.

Q2.     Why can't you always ship my product on the day that I place my order?

A2.      As Eco Apothecary products are all hand made, if we happen to be out of stock of the item you purchased, it may take a few days to have the new batch of product made, packaged, labelled and shipped. However, on the bright side - you can't get much fresher than that!

Q3.      I know that your creams are "natural", but why are they not all organic?

A3.      Because I am a qualified Herbalist and all Eco Apothecary products are made by hand at the Miners Cottage, many of the herbs used are either grown here in the Miners Cottage Garden, or ethically wildcrafted from our local area. This means they are not able to be certified as organic products, even though we use organic principles at the Miner's Cottage Garden.

Eco Apothecary guarantees that all of our products are made from natural ingredients that are healthy for you to use as well as environmentally friendly and cruelty free. (Did you know that organic does not always mean an ethical product? For instance plantation Palm Oil can be certified organic, but this doesn't help the animals killed or driven away from their natural habitat to create the farm.)

Q4.      Do you make a range for sensitive skin?

A4.      Eco Apothecary began by formulating creams specifically for people who were unable to find products which suited them. Many of our customers have sensitive skin or allergic reactions to other brands of skin care, but are able to use Eco Apothecary happily. 

Q5.       I have noticed some dark "specks" in my cream. What are they?

A5.       Because all Eco Apothecary products are hand made from natural products and fresh or dried herbs, there is sometimes a small amount of the herb which escapes filtration when it is added to the cream. This is not harmful, just proof of the natural nature of the creams and the production process.

Q6.       I notice you use essential oils in the creams. Is this safe for pregnancy?

A6.       The essential oil amounts used are a small percentage of the entire product ingredients. As such, they are unlikely to be absorbed in quantities higher than the essential oils you would normally ingest from natural foods, and so should be totally safe.

Q7.       Why are you against using palm oil?

A7.       Palm oil in itself is a good product, however, the methods of harvesting palm oil destroys forests and most of the wildlife which lives there. In particular, the Orangutan and Sumatran Tiger have lost huge areas of their natural habitat and are in danger of extinction.

If palm oil was no longer harvested and used, habitat could slowly regrow, or be replanted, and animal numbers increase again.

Eco Apothecary products use ethical alternatives to the use of palm oil where ever possible.  

Q8.       Why are you against using plantation and organic palm oil?

A8.       Palm oil plantations are grown on land which has been recently cleared from the native forest, causing loss of habitat and destruction of wildlife. Although farmed palm oil plantations are a more ethical source of palm oil than when taken from the native forest, once the plantations are grown, the wildlife such as Orangutans are still excluded from the area which means their habitat is permanently removed.

Eco Apothecary products use ethical alternatives to the use of palm oil where ever possible. 

Q9.       Can I get a gift certificate for a friend?

A9.        Yes, a gift certificate makes a lovely present! Please email via the contact page with the recipient's details and the amount in Australian dollars which you wish to place on the certificate. You can have the certificate emailed or posted to the lucky recipient.

Q10.      Do you have tours of the Miners Cottage Garden?

A10.       We do occasionally have tours of the herb garden and the garden is accessible when workshops are attended at the Miner's Cottage. Please contact us for details.